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 Digital solutions for the new normal

Suburban Media Group is a woman-owned, minority-owned multicultural media agency that helps partners stand out amidst the cluttered digital media sphere. With team members all over the globe, we offer localized services around the clock that range from social media strategies to branding, translation, marketing, writing, and ghostwriting. Our values align with the new normal of the current status of affairs, where the work is remote, flexible, and culturally sensitive. 

What we do

Social media strategy



Ghost writing

Social media management

Social media training

Influencer outreach

Book marketing

Social media advertising



Thank you Suburban Media Group for all your effort and support during the launch of Maluki ! Your  team are amazing and you definitely go the extra mile for your clients.

Christeen Haddadin

Founder of Maluki

Thank you so much Suburban Media Group for all your support. What a great team you are! Your guidance, support, and positivity were uplifting, encouraging, and extremely helpful. Highly recommended!!

Zeena Musallam

Blooming books by Zeena


Natasha Tynes is the founder of Suburban Media Group. She is a veteran communications professional with over twenty years of digital communications experience. Tynes has led digital strategies at the World Bank Group and managed global media training programs at the International Center for Journalists. She is a regular contributor to many publications inside and outside the United States. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Elle Magazine, Nature Magazine, The Huffington Post, Esquire magazine, Aljazeera, and others. She has appeared on several national and international TV programs, including Larry King Live, PBS, Paula Zahn show, CBS’s Morning show, Scarborough Country, ABC News Live, BBC’s Up All night, among others. She lives in Maryland with her husband, three children, a dog, a cat, three hamsters, and two frogs. You can contact her at

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Ahmed Elkhalidi Graphic designer, illustrator and artist with over 25 years experience in graphic and digital media. Worked on a number of projects ranging from online media, motion graphics, publications and illustrations in Sydney, Adelaide, Amman, London, Doha, Dubai, Riyadh and Ramallah.

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